Charles C. Gates Society

Established in 2006, the Charles C. Gates Society recognizes donors who have generously contributed $1 million or more to Children’s Hospital Colorado, during their lifetimes or through their estates.

Charles C. Gates was honored as a Westerner, an accomplished business leader, a man of vision, and a generous philanthropist. Gates Society donors have made lasting, invaluable investments that have moved Children’s Colorado forward to become better, stronger and more effective in caring for children.


Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals donor/partner
Medical Staff member
* Deceased

$10,000,000 +

The Anschutz Foundation

The Barton Family Foundation

Boettcher Foundation

The Charles Ergen Family

Dr. Nancy and Mr.* Sam Gary

The Charles C. Gates Family, in memory of June Swaner Gates

Gates Frontiers Fund

Monfort Family Foundation

The Ponzio Family

Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

The Solich Fund

Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin

Don* and Maxine* Vestal

Walmart and Sam’s Club Stores

Cille and Ron Williams

$1,000,000 to $9,999,999

Anonymous (5)

2 Gives, a McCormick Foundation Fund  

2221 Society

Ace Hardware                                   

The Morgan Adams Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. David R. Akers*

Alliance Data

Alice Cares for Kids
                Audacity Denver

Ed and Roxanne Fie Anderson

Robert G. Anderson*

The Asher Family

Robert H. Asher*

Association of Volunteers, Children’s Hospital Colorado                             

Garrett and Karen Baum

Daniel J. Beekhuizen                                     

Robert V. and Billie Naylor Behrent*                                      

Susan C. and William G. Bell*                                     

Marcy and Bruce Benson                                             

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Berger                                   

Stephen Berman* and Elaine Gantz-Berman           

Daniel and June Bills                              

Arlene Bobrow and Charles Tanabe

Mae B. Boettcher*                                         

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation 

Estate of Charlotte Ann Bourke*

Estate of Charles W. Brand

Nancy S. Bretz*                                   

Estate of Edward E. Brown*          

Rose M. Brown*                                                                              

Buckaroo Ball Colorado, Inc.

Bunning Family Foundation                                                        

The Michael and Nancy Burgermeister Family Fund of
      The Chicago Community Trust
      Nancy and Michael Burgermeister                           

Elsa A. Burrows*       

The Olivia Caldwell Foundation  

Caring for Colorado Foundation                                                                                    

Robert J. and Kathleen A. Clark                                  

The Colorado Health Foundation                                              

Colorado Office of the Attorney General

Colorado Rockies Charity Fund                                  

The Colorado Trust                                         


Adolph Coors Foundation                                       

Corner Store                                     

Costco Wholesale         

The Cottingham Family                                  

Crothall Healthcare                                        

The Patricia Crown Family

The Culshaw Family                                           

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation                                           

Dairy Queen                                     

Daniels Fund                                     

Delta Delta Delta Fund for Children’s Hospital Colorado                                 

The Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation
      Delta Dental of Colorado                              

The Denver Foundation                               

Denver Post Charities, a McCormick Foundation Fund                     

Susan and Scott Drake                                  

The Ehst-Hummel-Kaufmann Family
      Angela and Dick Ehst                     

El Pomar Foundation                                     

Donald M. Elliman, Jr.      

Ent Credit Union                            

Etkin Family Foundation

Edwin and Dorathy Fischahs*                                    

Gyda and Sean Flanigan                                

Mary Fowler                                     

Dale and Cindy Francescon                                         

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Freyer, Sr.       

Andi and John E. Freyer, Jr. Family                         

The L.C. Fulenwider Family                                          

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fullerton                                        

Gallagher Family Foundation                                     

Sidney and Caleb Gates                                

Gift Shop, Association of Volunteers                                       

Samuel Goldman*                                          

Louise and Ralph Haberfeld, Ivy and Scott Scherbarth,
      William Haberfeld and Susanna Haberfeld                

Mr.* and Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton                                         

The Cannon Y. and Lyndia K. Harvey Family                                          

The Hearst Foundations                                               

Hewit Family Foundation         

Lyda Hill Philanthropies                                     

Suzanne and R. David Hoover                                    

Nancy R. Hope*                               

Hot Times Kool Cars, Inc.                                              

Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust         

Soledad and Bob Hurst                                    

Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Isenberg                               

Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation                                         

Brandon and Wendy Johnson Family

Joy S. Johnson and Family                                                                            

Walter Kalinski*                                               

Helen “Tomme” and David P. Kaplan                                     

The Katalytic Foundation

Marion Esser Kaufmann Foundation                                       

Ed and Jeannette Kerr                                  

King Soopers                                     

Kohl’s Department Stores

Helen M. Kreoger*

Kroenke Sports Charities and Colorado Avalanche Community Fund,
      a McCormick Foundation Fund

Kroenke Sports Charities and Denver Nuggets Community Fund,
      a McCormick Foundation Fund

La Cache, Association of Volunteers                                       

John and Margot Lane Foundation

Harry B. Leeman*                                           

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Liniger    

Virginia M. Lyons                                  

Majestic Realty Foundation                                        

Elsie M. Malley*                                              

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Mandarich                                             

The Cydney and Tom Marsico Family Foundation                                              

Henry and Florence McCluskey*                               

McCormick Foundation                                

Carol McMurry* and Pat Spieles                                 

Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust                                 

Amy and Rob* Millisor                                  

Morgridge Family Foundation    

William F. and Mildred J. Nienaber*                                       

The Osborn Foundation
      Mr.* and Mrs. John Osborn and Family


Panda Express Teams

Clark Peterson*    

GH Phipps Construction Companies                           

The Piton Foundation

Anne and Jim* Postle                                      

The Precourt Foundation
      Molly and Jay A. Precourt, Agatha and J. Anthony Precourt, Jr.,
      Amanda Precourt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Rady                                          

Virginia and Scott Reiman


Mr. and Mrs. Blair E. Richardson                               

Mr. and Mrs. Kent L. Rickenbaugh*                                         

Rose Community Foundation                                     

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Roski, Jr.                                             

William, Sr. and Emily Ruffer*
      William Ruffer, Jr.*                        

The Salah Foundation

Estate of Elaine Sas   

Jean L. Scotten*                                        

Elizabeth B. Searle and Family  

Section of Neonatology, Department of Pediatrics,
      University of Colorado Medicine                                                                          

The Tanner Seebaum Foundation

Anna and John J. Sie Foundation              

Spirit of Children and Spirit Halloween Superstores         

Grace Richardson Stetson Fund
      Patricia and Thomas Agnew
      E. William Stetson III, Nancy Stetson, Stuart Stetson Daly

Janie and Rick Stoddard                                                               

Hilda Swan*                                      

J.T. Tai & Company Foundation, Inc.

J.T. Tai & Company, Inc.

Frederick B. Taylor Family

The Telluray Foundation

Page Thompson Tredennick and Sarah Tredennick                                            

University of Colorado Medicine                                              

The William B. Vollbracht Family   

Bruce and Bev Wagner Family                                            

Judi and Joe Wagner and Wagner Equipment Co.                                              


The Ben and Lucy Ana Walton Fund of the
      Walton Family Foundation, Inc.                            

Wells Fargo                                        

Wend Ventures

Mr. and Mrs. Barth E. Whitham                                 

The Wold Foundation

The Melvin and Elaine Wolf Foundation

ZOMA Foundation

As of December 31, 2023