Tammen Society

The Tammen Society honors all individuals who have donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado through a bequest, life-income or other planned gift, ensuring that future generations of children will benefit from the research, family-centered care, clinical education and advocacy for which Children’s Colorado is known.

Named for two of Children’s Colorado’s earliest benefactors, the story of the Tammens begins with a husband’s holiday gift to his wife nearly a century ago.

In 1920 Denver Post publisher Harry H. Tammen gave his wife Agnes a check for $100,000 to purchase a string of pearls for Christmas. But Agnes declined Harry’s gift.

At the time, Children’s Colorado was engaged in a $50,000 fundraising drive to build a new wing. Agnes had been asked to donate $1,000. When Harry gave Agnes the money for the pearls, she told her husband that it would be wrong to spend twice the cost of the construction on pearls for her personal pleasure. Instead, Agnes asked if she could donate $50,000 to Children’s Colorado to help build the new facility. As the story goes, Harry replied, “You never cease to amaze me. We will give the entire $100,000.”

Thus began a long-standing philanthropic partnership that has benefited thousands of children over the years. The Agnes Reid Tammen Wing of the hospital was completed in 1924.

When Harry died a few months later, he gave about half of his $4 million estate to the hospital as a trust fund in perpetuity to help guarantee care for all children. Agnes continued her philanthropic efforts on behalf of Children’s Colorado until she passed away in 1942. Decades later the Tammens’ legacy lives on through the Tammen Society, while the Tammen Trust continues to help cover the cost of essential health care for children whose families cannot afford to pay.

Tammen Society members

Anonymous Donors

Shirley A. Abernathy*

Sidney R. Abernathy*

Frank B. Adams*

Frank L. Adams*

Alma M. Adelbert*

Ruth AdlerF

Sylvia B. Adolph*

Orah L. Ahlborg*

Bernadette L. Aitken*

David R. Akers, MD*

Ms. Gloria Albright

Harriet E. Albright*

Agnes C. Allen*

Carole Allen*

Robert P. Allen Family*

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Allison

Mabel Almquist*

Alice Eileen* and James E. Amack*

Dr. Jules Amer*

Joanne E. Amidon*

Dulcy Amter*

Dola E. Anderson*

E. Ivar Anderson*

Elsie M. Anderson*

Ervin W. Anderson*

Ms. Gail Anderson

Lucille B. Anderson*

Robert G. Anderson*

Lucia G. Andrews*

Roy H. Andridge*

Florence Antonides*

Mr. and Mrs. Russ D. Arch

Anita M. Archambault*

Leroy Armintrout*

Gertrude Arnold

Alfred A. Arraj*

Kaycie Artus

Hope Ashby*

Clara H. Ashcraft*

Michael and Carolyn Asher

Eva Dolimann Austin*

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Avis

Theodore A. Avril*

John P. Ayres*

Netti Bachrach

Mr. Charles A. Baer

Lloyd E. Bagnell*

Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Bailey

James Baird*

Mary J. Baker*

Balderston Family

Sharon and Rober C. Baldwin

John and Karla Balk

Donn R. Barber, MD*

Mr. Michael R. Barber

George L.W. Barkhurst*

Deidra Barlow

Marie Carmel Barnell*

Corrine G. Barnett*

Milton E. Barr*

Miss Minnie L. Barra

Sarah E. Barrett*

Mickey Barrows*

Laura P. Barton

May L. Barton

Harry E. Baskind*

Jessie M. Bathmer*

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baum*

Mrs. Wyoma Bean*

Walter Beans*

Emma Beard*

Rose Beauch*

Creeda Juanita Bechtold*

Belle Beck*

Ms. Shirin Beckman

Bernard B. Beckwith*

Dan Beekhuizen

Robert V.* and Billie Naylor Behrent*

Doris J. Biester, PhD

Vercinia Belcher*

Elizabeth R. Bellinger*

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Bell

William G. and Susan C. Bell*

Carlton W. Belz*

Patricia Sue Benelli*

Tobin and Christine Benham

L. Admyth Bennett*

Eileen Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Benson

Fred G. Berg*

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Berger

Vera L. Berry*

Donald J. Best*

Whitman Best*

Caroline and Lucius Beville*

Doris J. Biester, PhD

Dr. Daniel and June Bills

Frank S. Bingenheimer*

Jane E. Bisbee*

Andrew N. Bisgard*

Doris Jackson Bishop*

Orville H. Bishop*

Robert P. Bixler*

Elizabeth Fae Blackburn*

James G. Blackmon

Melissa Ann Blake

Randy and Linda Blake 

Willian J. Blair*

Janelle and Buck Blessing

Roy Blout*

Mae B. Boettcher*

Imogene Boggs*

Ms. Barbara Bolton and Mr. Gary Harvey

Josephine C. Bond*

Marguerite J. Bond*

Esther I. Bononi*

Irene and Zenas Boone*

Loren Boswell

Margaret M. Bosworth*

Richard R. Bott*

Norma Boughner*

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Boulter

Archie L. Bowman*

Helen Boyce*

Katherine Bradbrook*

Mary Bradley

Mr. Charles W. Brand

Marie Brandenberg*

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Brandt

Evelyn P. Breckon*

Charles Bresnahan*

Nancy S. Bretz

Joe Bridges*

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter M. Brinker

Bonnie E. Broderick*

Mrs. Sarah Broderick

Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher

Phil E. Broncucia*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Brooks

Coralie Allen Brown*

Dave Brown

Douglas K. Brown and Richard V. Lee*

Edward E. Brown*

Lind Brown*

Rose M. Brown*

Carrie W. Bry*

Marjorie W. Bryant*

Mary Ann Bryant*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Buckingham

Bureau Family

Pamela Burnelis

Paul and Madge Burger

Miss Dorothy A. Burke*

Joan D. Burkhardt*

Elsa A. Burrows*

Gladys Burrows*

Helene B. Butler

Joan M. Butler*

Dr.* and Mrs. L. Joseph Butterfield

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cada

Ms. Kathleen L. Cady

Elizabeth M. Calabrese*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Calamari

Mrs. Martha Ann Callahan

Julia H. Calloway*

James Francis Caputo, PhD

Mr. Charles P. Cardenas

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Carey

Mrs. Therese Carroll

Douglas A. Carruthers*

Ms. Colette Carson

Steve Carson

Mr. Louis Carter*

Louis E. Carter, Jr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Castro

Clinton Cator*

Lillian Cattrell*

Louis B. Caudill*

Caulkins Family Foundation

Jessie F. Chambers*

Lorraine Chapman*

Eleanor S. Charsky*

Robert Tipton Chase*

Mrs. Helen B. Chenery

Ann Chiolero*

Micheline Chou

Hilda Christensen*

Hilda Christensen*

Ms. Karen Christians

William Christinck*

Alice S. Church*

Amy M. Circle

Daisy B. Clark*

Dorothy N. Clark*

Nancy C. Clark*

Ralph M. Clark*

Robert J. and Kathleen A. Clark

Virginia Ruth Clark

Stacey and Andrew Clune

Leslie Vernon Clyde*

Elizabeth D. Cobb*

Helen Coen*

Cecile Cohan 

Toni and Jim Cohig*

Leslie W. Cohn*

Renata N. Colitti

Leigh Congdon*

Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Connell, Jr.

James S. Cook*

Neva A. Cook*

Beth and Ron Cooper

Randel R. Cooper*

John R. Coots*

Dorothy H. Cowing*

Donald E. Cox*

Helen B. Cox*

Jane E. Cox*

Fred Cozzie*

Mrs. Peggy A. Crane-Epand

Dorothy H. Crawford*

Alex Creton*

Juile Ann Crowell*

Ruth R. Crowley*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Culshaw

Wayne and Gloria Cunningham* 

Ruth P. Curry*

Cathy Curtin-Cleary and Ed Cleary

Ruby H. Curtis*

Arthur Dalling*

Geraldine I. Daly*

Francis Darnell*

John Stephan Daru*

Pete and Pamela Dascalos

Claude Daum*

Margaret C. David*

Mr. James W. Davidson

Bert Davies*

Harley L. Davis*

Ms. Laura L. Davis

Leslie F. Davis*

Lillian L. Davis*

Lucille L. Davis*

Sam and Freda Davis*

Wilma A. Davis*

Betty P. Day*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Dea

Pam and Dave Decker

Ella Goldean Dedrick*

Geraldine de Gidio*

Alice Marie Del Camp*

Florence E. Del Zotto*

Stephen J. Demirjian*

Mrs. Angie P. Demmer

Mr. Leslie Demoss

Ms. April M. Dempster

Keith Deppe

Emily Depuy*

Corinne M. Devano*

Dorothy L. Devenish*

Devolve Family

Phyllis Dick*

Evelyn H. Dieker*

Gloria and Daniel Diercks

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall R. Diggs

Dwight F. Dill*

Mary Dilley*

Richard and Mary Dixon

Paul J. Doctor*

Marilee Neff Doud and Ben R. Doud

Elaine S. Downey*

Dorothy M. Dreher*

Diane and Raymond Drost

Tyler Drum

Mr. Randolph Drummond

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dryer, Jr.

Anna M. Dudrick*

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Duell

Mr. William Duffek

Ruth C. Dunn*

Mrs. Maxine Duprey

 Regina Duran

Elizabeth Merritt Durand*

Mr. Bruce E. Durgin

Raymond Durham*

Paul S. Dutcher*

Ms. Celine Duzenack

Elizabeth A. Dyatt*

F. Lucille Eagen*

Robert J. Ebert*

Robert A. Edgerton*

Carol and Max Ehrlich

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Eilert

Marian E. Eisenberg*

Arthur A. Ekroth*

Carleigh and Reid Elkus

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Elliot

Ms. Dorothy J. Elliott

Frances M. Elliott*

 Kathy Elser

Mary A. Ensor*

Florence L. Entrikin*

Joyce M. Esgar*

Ora G. Ethell*

Paul Edward Eubank*

Don L. Evans*

Mike Evans*

Terry M. Evans*

Ivah Eveland*

Margaret Everett*

Mrs. Marie Ewing*

A.S. Fabiano*

Elaine Fabiano*

Melvin E. Fanning*

Amy and Shane Feiman

Elsie Felling*

The Felsher Family

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Fender

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fendrich

Paul V. Fennessey, PhD

Barbara VandenBroeck Fernie and John Fernie

Andrea and Kevin Ferretti

James T. Ferris*

Edward Ficker*

Cathey and Richard Finlon

Richard L. Finuf*

Edwin Fischahs*

Kellie Fischer and Keith Johnson

Morton* and Helen Fisher*

Ms. Dianne M. Fishwild and Mr. Frederic M. Hulett III

Patricia D. Fitzpatrick*

Gyda and Sean Flanigan

Pat Flint*

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Floerke

James R. and Rhita S. Florey*

Roy and Lila Foiles*

Alice M. Folsom*

Mr. David A. Foran

Anna Forman*

Tacy Forrester*

Janet S. Forsythe*

Mary E. Frazzini*

Judith K. Frankel

Dorothy E. Freedberg*

Ella M. Freeman*

Ann and Jim Frein

Mary C. Frost*

Mr. Paul W. Fryar

Helen Funkhouser

Chris M. Furneaux*

Virginia Gabriele*

Charles J. Gadway

Mr. Charles J. Gaede

William Edward Gale*

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Ganey

Joseph Gargaro*

Mr. James C. Garland*

Helen M. Garrett*

Joan and Lester Garrison

Mrs. Sally S. Gart

Sidney and Caleb Gates

Mr. M.L. Gatling

Albert W. Gebauer*

Kenneth W. Geddes*

Ethel E. George*

Wesley B. George*

Jean E. Gerbase*

Dennis Gerbaz*

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gerkin

Mr. Troy Getson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Giachetti

Eleanor Giacomozi*

Pat Giarritano

Percy Gibson*

Vern Gibson*

Harold N. Gilbert*

Lois Glavins Gilbert

Ellen MacKey Gilman*

Lois Nadine Gilman*

Norman A. Ginley*

Cheryl and Mark Grimaldi

Marianne Gjelsteen*

Norman Glavins*

Frances Gleason*

Viola Gleason*

Dr. Mary P. Glodé and Dr. L. Michael Glodé

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Goins

Edith Judd Goldfarb*

Barney B. Goldman*

Samuel Goldman*

Henry R. Goldstein

George H. Gonzales*

Rupert M. Goodbrod*

Amy S. Goodner

Lucille M. Goodnight*

Louis A. Gordon*

Ralph B. Gorelik*

Suzette T. Goudie*

Sarah E. Gowen*

Lila A. Graham*

Lewis E. Grams*

Ervin W. Gray*

Dorothy M. Green*

Alex A. Greenwald*

Brian S. Greffe, MD

Georgia Grenolds

Jerry L. Gress*

Retha Grieb*

Bridget and John Grier

Carol and Charles Grieves*

Edith D. Griffith*

Ralph E. Grimm*

Dorothy Groseclose*

Louis Grosfield*

Nancy D. Gross

John J. Gruber*

Helen E. Gunby*

Katherine Gurtner*

John and Mary Gustafson*

Jeanette* and Clarence Haak

Todd R. and Kathleen L. Habliston

Marguerite P. Hachmeister*

Ruth W. Hackstaff*

Virginia W. Hagnauer*

Anna O. Hailey*

Ms. Dorris B. Hall

Lawrence Kenneth Hall*

J. Hamidy*

Esther Hamilton*

Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Hammond

Robert “Bob” and Margaret Hammond

Dr. Michael and Wendy Handler

Grace E. Handley*

Ruth E. Hansen*

Shardlow J. Hansen, Sr.*

Anne L.B. Hanson and Family

Anne and David Hanson

Della A. Hard*

Lynne M. Harkness

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard L. Harney

June and Jene Harper*

J. Genevieve Harrington*

Edward F. Harrison*

Eunice A. Harvey*

Ms. Gail B. Harvey

Betty S. Haskell*

Clark and Jan Hastings

Annabelle Lee Haubert*

Virginia A. Haughey*

Margaret G. Hawley*

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hayes

Marie L. Hayes*

Dr. Taru Hays and Dr. G. William Hays

Dora F. Hazelip*

Mrs. Marie Hearn

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Hecker

Charles T. Heinricy

Miriam K. Heintzman*

L.A. Heisser*

Claude O. Hendricks*

Frances F. Hepp*

Herdman Family

Gladys Herring*

T.J. Heyman and Jane McConnell

Fay I. Heyne*

Lestelle Higdon*

Alice Hill*

Joy R. Hilliard*

Lawrence E. Hillman*

Dorothy F. Hirsch*

Michael Hiser and Deborah Booton-Hiser

Edith Hively*

Elvin L. Hizel*

B.J. Hoch

C.E. Hochmuth*

Christine S. Hodgson*

Ms. Reneta Hoeppner

Robert E. Hogsett*

Jennie L. Holeman*

Rae L. Holmberg*

Ruth H. Holmes*

Suzanne and R. David Hoover

Nancy Hope*

Geneva R. Horton*

Ethel* and Herman Horwich*

William H. and Carolyn R. Hoskins Trust

George* and Ann Hough*

Conchita C. Howe*

Hugh Howell*

Mrs. Janet G. Howsam

Ms. Holly S. Hoxeng

Mr. and Mrs. Porter Hoyt, III

Mr. Guy H. Hubler

Ms. Susan L. Hudson

Jancie and Kent Hughes

Mr. Jerome C. Hughes

Perlee Hughes*

Frank Huiber*

Clara M. Humphreys*

Ms. Patricia R. Hunt

Helen E. Hunter*

Ms. Marla Huss

Drs. Daniel Hyman and Martha Sack

Lorraine H. Hyland*

Ms. Kathleen Hynes

John and Karen Ikard

Tom and Jessie Inglefield

Mr. Gene Irwin

Christie and Walter Isenberg

Sylvia P. Israel*

Libbie Ivens*

Malena and Adam Jackson

John J. Jacobs

Wilbur Jacobs*

Phillip and Catherine Jankouskas

Myrtle A. Jansen*

Madeleine Janssen*

Anna M. Jarmer*

Ann Jaskiel*

Louise E. Jaynes*

Mary Jeanselme*

Jim* and Jane Jenkins

Ms. Patty Jennings and Mr. Neal B. Anderson

Gale and Carl Jenson

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Jensen

Jacob Jirgensohn*

Frank E. Johns*

Ann Johnson

Clifford J. Johnson*

Donald R. Johnson*

Doris Loretta Johnson*

Mary Jo Johnson

William B. Johnson*

Agnes Tesch Jolly*

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Jones

Ms. Katherine Jones

Lucy A. Jones*

Susan and Richard Jones

William P. Joxen*

Joseph P. Kachorek

Ms. Marga Kafka

Walter Kalinski*

Mr. Ken Kania

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Kansteiner

David and Tomme Kaplan and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Karaisz, III

Casimir S. Karczewski*

Rozanne and Dennis Kassian

Anne Marie Kaufman*

Julie Kaune*

Rhonda Kay

Kaye Family Trust Fund

Kayell Foundation

Helen Kearney*

Virginia Elizabeth Kelly*

Richard Kent

Arthur W. Kercheval*

Mrs. Helen H. Kidder

Phillip W. Kiefaber*

Miles and Carol King

LoRee Kirby*

Ms. Anne S. Klenk

Naomi M. Kletzky*

Albert R. Kline*

Margaret T. Kline*

Hazel L Knapp*

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Knaub

Beverly R. Knief*

Fitz and Betty Knoebel*

Joseph D. Knowlton*

Lawrence Koenig*

Bonnie and Gary Koerber

Barbara Holland Kral

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Kramer

Elizabeth S. Krash*

Margaret L. Kreller*

Ethelyn P. Kremer*

Florence Kremer*

Ralph J. Kremer*

Elizabeth and Steve Kris

Helen M. Kreoger*

Freda E. Krolik*

Florence L. Kromrey*

William Kruel*

Garry and Marilyn Kubat

Patricia Hanna Kuehl

Mary Helen Kuenz*

Monty and Frank Kugeler

Kenneth A. Kuhlman*

Ellen E. Kunde*

Janice Kuretich

Annie Kuyendall*

E. L’Heureux*

Jennifer and Joel Lacky

Muriel Arlene Ladwig*

 Jessica Lagoni

Grace Bayles Landon*

Eva O. Lane*

Ruth E. Lantow*

Oswald Latka*

Ms. Diane Lau

Mr. James L. Lawler

Dorothy B. Lawless*

Dorothy P. Leader*

Norma G. Learned*

Mary Lebsack*

Helen A. Leschnik*

Howard D. Lee*

Hui Ju and Shaun Lee

Imogene C. Lee*

Leslie and Jeannette Lee

Harry B. Leeman*

Tom Lemieux

Cecil* and Iris Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lepard

Tom Lemieux

Louis L. Lett*

Stanley C. Levick*

Gus Levin*

Marvin L. Levin*

Rona Levin*

Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Levy

Edward Levy*

Lewis Family

Ms. Carol A. Lewis

Elsie T. Lilley*

Mr. Herbert K. Linn

Dorothy Litmer*

E. Lloyd*

Lila Loeckle*

Ms. Mary L. Lombardi-Smith and Mr. Andrew Smith

Mike and Dawn Lombardi

Mr. Gary L. Loptien

Lott Family Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Luchsinger

William H. Lucking*

Mr. Jeffery A. Ludwig

Walter Ludwig*

Marion C. Luecke*

Alton W. Luedtke*

Doris Ernestine Lund*

Ruth Alice Lutz*

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lutz

Irene Esther Lynch*

Virginia M. Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. MacCarthy

Lena MacFarlane*

William B. MacMillan

Marion* and Harold Macomber*

America Magrini*

H. Maier*

Evi and Evan Makovsky

Elsie M. Malley Trusts

Dr. and Mrs. John Maloney*

Emanuel Marritt, MD* and Ellen Marritt Fund of The Denver Foundation

Mary M. Marshall*

Francis M. Martelli

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy J. Martillaro

Ava I. Martin*

James Edward Martin*

Louise K. Martin*

Robert H. Martyn*

Warren C. Masker*

Ralph J. Mathews*

Dr. Jody L. Mathie and Mr. John F. Hoffman

Elmer Tempel Matthews*

Fred H. Maxted*

Louanna N. May*

Grace McAlister*

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. McClellan

Henry* and Florence McCluskey*

Mr. Charles B. McCormick, Jr.

Jerry N. McCowan

John McCusker*

Catherine C. McDermith*

Kenneth H. McDermith*

James* and Mary McDonald*

Jean McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McDowell*

Shirley H. McGarry*

Anne and Tom McGonagle

Forrest McGrath*

Dorothy L. McGill*

Joann McGill*

Sally* and John McInnes*

Mr. Guy McIntosh

Katherine E. McKissick*

Eunice F. McLaughlin*

Helen M. McLoraine*

Glen L. McNutt*

Velma Mead*

Misty and Chad Meade

Amelia M. Mealey*

Lyle Meidinger*

Elmer O. Melville*

Edith Mendenhall*

Jerry* and Bonnie Merenstein

W. Clay Merideth*

Harold Metcalf*

Betty W. Meyer

Dr. and Mrs. Arlen D. Meyers

Mr. and Mrs. Dean L. Mickelson

Ruth R. Mignolet*

Angela and John Mihlbachler

Gertrude E. Millard*

Catherine K. Miller*

Charles Norman Miller*

Emma M. Miller*

Henry Miller

Mrs. Jean W. Miller

Kathryn Miller*

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice L. Miller

Phillip S. Miller Charitable Trust

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Miller

William W. Miller*

Helen E. Millette*

Ms. Marylee K. Mitchell

Dona M. Mohan*

Marguerite and Wayne Monson

Ramon Montoya

Nancy Moran*

The Daniel and Janet Mordecai Foundation

Kelli and Kevin Morgan

Marjorie R. Morrell*

Anthony and Patricia Morris

Katherine E. Mosley*

Margaret M. Moss*

Ralph W. Muir*

Robert E. Mulick*

Helen Mullany*

Claire L. Mulligan*

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mullin*

Frances P. Murphy*

Louise “Sally” Murray*

Valerie and Michael Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasa Murthy

Mrs. Carol B. Myrick

Joanne M. Napier*

S. Neal*

Sandy Neale

Judie and Ron Neel

Ms. Sally Nees

Sadie M. Neff*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neill

Thomas and Susan Neill

Beverly and Floyd Nelson

Mr. John D. Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Thorvald A. Nelson

June Netcher*

Helen M. Newland*

Mr. and Mrs. John Nichol

William F.* and Mildred J. Nienaber

Susan Niermeyer, MD, MPH

Mary Niespodziani*

Mr. and Mrs. George Nightingale

Mrs. Virginia Niles

Susan T. Noble

Dorothy Nollenberger*

Leonard O. Nordeen*

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Norgren, Jr.

Darrall Norris*

James W. Norris*

Fredi B. Novin

Chris and Katie Nowacki

Dr. Eva S. Nozik

Scott and Jody Nycum

Mary E. O’Neill*

Mary O’Rourke

Hazel M. Oberfelder*

Carol and Steven Odell

Virginia E. Ohrt*

Mrs. Martha T. Olander

Ronald L. and Rebecca S. Olsen

Inez M. Otto*

John Louis Overly*

Laurene and Thomas Owen

Sherwood and Marianne Owens III

Edna J. Packer*

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Page

Carolyn F. Palko*

Dr. and Mrs. Jacques I. Pankove

Hirvin Paredes and Family

The Pasterkamp Family

Dorothy W. Pate*

John Patsey

Elinor S. Patterson*

Len R. Paul

William F. Payne*

Faye Payton*

Carolyn S. Pemberton*

Reed Penington Family Trust

Mr. Paul Q. Perlmutter

Dr. Steven Perry and Mrs. Jody Papini Perry

Robert H. Petersen*

Clark Peterson*

Dorothy I. Peterson*

 Sandra G. Pettijohn

Josephine L. Petrie*

Myra Pollack Phillips*

Clara Phipps*

Ruby Domenica Albanese Piccoli*

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pickerell*

Lanoette and Michael Piotrowski

John and Gloria Pirro*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Plastino

Weltha Fern Plummer*

Daniel Richard Pocius Intervivos Trust

Patricia Francis Pocius

Ms. Janna R. Poll

Florence B. Pomponio*

Rebecca A. Pott

Anne and Jim Merrill C. Potter*

Ms. Susan C. Potter

Dorothy E. Powell*

Mr. Osman Powell

Robert A. Powell*

Charles A. Powers*

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Powers

Drs. Bob Prentice and Sandra Surbrugg

Carrie L. Pricco*

Helen Priday*

Ms. Helen E. Proctor*

Patti Proffitt

Alberta C. Proske*

Flora A. Proudfit*

Charlotte M. Purcell*

Georgia Lee Purdy*

The Quickenstedt Family

Neta Quintal*

Maria Tonita Rael*

Florence E. Ragsdale*

Noreen and Bryan Raley

Mr.* and Mrs. Harry Rapp

Mr. and Mrs. Don Rau

Elsie L. Ray*

Frank A. Ray*

Mary Lou Raymond*

William Burton Raymond*

Pauline Rector*

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Reddington

Sylvester H. Reeves*

Larry G. Reed*

Marcus R. Reid*

Ann and Kevin Reidy

Roberta Ann Reineman*

Sam Reinstein*

Kathryn Reischauer

Alex Reisig*

Lida J. Rempfer*

Emma T. Renk*

Kyle Hicks Reno*

Lawrence R. Reno*

Rosalie E. Retzer*

Alec and Riley Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Ricciardi

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rice

Carrie B. Richards*

Ms. Sharyn Richards

Mr.* and Mrs. Kent L. Rickenbaugh*

Ruth Riede*

Linda Beth Riegel*

Conrad M. Riley*

Evelyn and Fred Riser*

K. Lois Risley*

Edith Anne Ritchie*

Max Ritterband*

Edna E. Roark*

Mary Robb*

Henrietta Robbins*

Anita M. Roberts*

Angus Robertson*

Joseph “Jim” H. M. and Carol Roddy

William P. Roesner*

Platt Rogers*

Roger M. Rogers*

LouElla Roles*

Eleanor Rose*

Wilma Rose*

Mark J. Rosenbaum

Monroe L. Rosenthal*

Henry C. Ross*

William Rothwell*

Maudye Rotramel*

O. Rowley*

Eleanor Ruff*

Emily* and William Ruffer, Jr.

Susan* and William Ruffer*

Ida Ruhland*

Evelyn Runnette*

Florence M. Rush*

Mr. Roy Russell*

Sam Russell*

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight E. Ryland

Ms. Shirley Santamaso

Elenore E. Santarelli*

Mr. Gregory Sargowicki

Walter and Elaine Sas

Johanna Sather*

Leslie R. Schaeffer

Bonnie Scheferkort, Brad Scheferkort & Amie Thomas

Thomas W. Scheiba

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Schillinger

Vera A. Schmalenberger

Conrad* and Hazel* Schmidt

Dale Schmidt*

Dr. and Mrs. Barton Schmitt

Jeff and Marcie Schmitz

William Schmitz, PhD*

Harold Duane Schneider

Evelyn A. Schoen*

PennyAnn Schoonover

Arnette D. Schouten

Fredric A. Schroeder*

Marion Schuyler*

Lillian K. Schwarz*

Esther E. Scott*

Jean L. Scotten*

Elizabeth B. Searle and Family

Stephanie and Matt Seebaum

Mr. Tim Seeger

Virginia Seldin*

Emily and Leon Selig*

Janice* and Alfred Selix and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Semple

Annelie Dorothea Leathers Shackelford*

Claralou Shannon*

Ms. Aimee Shapiro

Richard A. Sharkey, EdD

Sally D. Sharp, MD, FACC

Mr. Eugene Shear

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Shelton

Bill Shenkin

Jesse Mae Shepherd*

Ravindra A. and Arun P. Sheth

Lesley Leeb Shiffrin-Lochhead

Dr. and Mrs. Jim Shmerling

Mr. Robert A. Shryock*

Rudy A. Shubart*

Myra K. Sieber*

Sandra Siems-Fraser and John Fraser

Kim and John Sievers

Andrew J. Silver, MD, and David Q. McGrath

Betty Silverman*

Joseph H. Silversmith, Jr.*

Mr. Donald J. Simon*

Elliott Simonberg

Della G. Sims*

Mr. and Mrs. David Singh

Irene T. Skinner*

Everett H. Sloan*

Alethe E. Smith*

Arthur H. Smith*

Barbara Vaye Smith*

Mrs. Betty Smith

Ms. Dorcas I. Smith

Horace M.R. Smith*

Karl P. Smith*

Ralph A. Smith*

Sallye Miriam Wrye Smith*

Mr. William I. Smith

Gladys L. Snead*

Vera M. Snider*

Ms. Nancy Soderquist

Leon A. Sojka*

Roberta Songer*

Lela A. Soper*

Danielle E. Soranno

Dr. and Mrs. G. Lee Southard

Alice L. Spengler*

Ann Sperling and Craig Archibald

Helen Spiker*

Virginia Spitz*

Gertrude V. Spratlen*

Robert E. Spratt*

Katherine N. Stanley*

Harriet Louise Starlof*

Rubye E. Stegemann*

Ms. Ilana Steinberg and Mr. Ray Merenstein

Burl C. and Lucyle Stephens*

Dorothy E. Sterne*

Syra F. Stettheimer*

Ellen E. Stewart and Donald R. Vancil

Nancy and Alfred Stimson

Gregor D. Stoddard

Janie and Rick Stoddard

Ms. Kae Stoddard

Lenore T. Stoddart*

Alys C. Stokes*

Ruth C. Stokes Trust

Ernest L. Stone

Stone Family Foundation

Mike Stoner

Mr. Raymond W. Storck*

Kjerstine D. Storey*

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Storm

Annis A. Stout*

Vincennes Strachan*

James E. and Ruby S. Strain

Michael J. Stranich*

Frank J. Strauss*

Hurshel Strawn*

Marcia Dines Strickland

Ellen M. Stumer

Zoa Sunderland*

Katherine E. Sullivan Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Suydam

Hilda Swan*

Harold C. Swigeart*

Harry S. Syer*

Richard M. Taddonio*

Harry H. Tammen* and Agnes Reid Tammen*

Margaret A. Tangen*

Frederick B. Taylor and Family

Grace I. Taylor*

Jeanette M. Taylor*

Liz Thilo and Gene Wolfel

Ms. Celia Thomas

Herbert E. Thomson*

Kathryn L. Thompson*

Robert. E. Thompson*

Jewell P. Tidwell*

Jessie L. Tighe*

Peter Remo Tisot*

Ms. Kristen Tobias

Lorraine E. Tosland*

Kathleen Treadway

John C. Tredennick, Jr.

Lillian H. Trinnier*

Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Tschetter

Melissa A. Tucker*

Phyllis Tucker & William Kipp

Dr. Mike Turbow

John L. “Tim” Tyler

Frank Valdez*

Sondra and John Valdez

William Vastal*

Don* and Maxine Vestal*

Louise J. Vetting*

Harry W. Vicksman and Louis L. Vicksman Trust

Lavon Vogel*

The William B. Vollbracht Family

Edna W. Von Dickersohn*

Mr. and Mrs. James I. Von Feldt

Elizabeth L. Von Kampen*

Janice M. Vuksta*

Lewis A. Waddington*

Eric and Margaret Wainwright

Annette K. Walker*

Esther M. Walker*

Victor L. Walker*

Diane G. Wallach

Edith Wang*

Doug Ward

Ruth P. Waring*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Warren

Eli R. Wayne*

Frank P. Wayne*

Clara F. Webb*

Merle Webber*

Mandel Wedin*

Mrs. Joy V. Weeks

Ruth B. Wehrly*

Nola M.* and Harvey E. Wehrman*

Joline D. Weiss*

Frances N. Welborn

Frankie F. Wells*

Bruce Welsh*

Fannie S. Werber*

Clara Faye West*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. West

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Westdahl

Greta P. Weston*

Mary J. Whelan*

Lois Whitaker*

Dolores White*

Gwynede Whittaker*

Irving L. Wightman*

Margaret Ada Wiley*

Earl Wilkinson*

Chad and Monika Williams

Cille and Ron Williams

Pauline Williams*

Ronald D. Williams

A. Williamson*

Celia N. Wilson* Family

Thomas E. Wilson* Family

Harold Wippler

Margueriet G. Wirz*

Anna T. Woerds*

Mr. Kurt K. Wolfe

Erdena E. Wonderly

Maxine Wonka

Joyce Lorraine Wood*

Margaret T. Wood*

David F. Woodyard*

Elizabeth P. Wright*

Laura and Doug Wright

Mabel M. Wright*

Hazel G. Wyatt*

Louise R. Wyatt*

P.J. Wyatt Living Trust

Lydia S. Wykoff*

Ms. Kathryn S. Yarabeck

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Yohannes

Minnie E. Zang*

Geneva E. Zehna*

Elmer C. Zeucher