Team Members

Our team members are readily available to help you find ways of giving to Children’s Hospital Colorado that are unique and meaningful. Contact us.


Jen Darling headshot

Jennifer Roe Darling | President and CEO

Executive Office

“Our children are our hope. We are committed to advancing Children’s Colorado and focus on large, transformational gifts to leverage philanthropy as the fuel for progress.”

Emily Colbenson | Chief Strategic Philanthropy Officer

Executive Office

Kendall Cordova

Kendall Córdova | Vice President, Philanthropy

Executive Office

Katie Dugan | Senior Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Executive Office

Keri Kallaway

Keri Kallaway | Vice President, Donor and Volunteer Engagement

Executive Office

Cary Larger | Chief Operating Officer

Executive Office

Sharon McMeel | Chief Development Officer

Executive Office

Bridget Richards

Bridget Richards | Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Executive Office

Executive Office

Meg Connell | Manager, Donor and Volunteer Engagement
Dani Hammond | Senior Coordinator, Office Administration
Melanie Howard | Executive Assistant to President and CEO
Val Hernandez | Senior Director, Employee Relations
Heidi Knous | Special Projects Lead
Grecia Montoya | Senior Coordinator, Employee Relations & Office Administration
Brooke Tomiello | Executive Assistant to COO & Operations
Crystal True | Executive Assistant to Chief Development Officer

Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic Philanthropy team members focus on personalized interactions with generous donors, prospects and foundations to create lasting philanthropic legacies. Contact us

Margaret Brammer | Manager, Family Giving and Hospital Partnerships
Savannah Bratcher | Senior Coordinator, Strategic Philanthropy
Jacqueline Lindley | Senior Director, Strategic Philanthropy and Hospital Partnerships
Erin Nasralla | Director, Strategic Philanthropy

Individual Giving

Martine Hyland | Senior Director

Kelsey Cochrane | Director
Taylre Derby | Manager
Shawna English
| Director
Jason Fox | Director
Adelaide Hanson | Coordinator, Philanthropy
Kelly Hercher | Director
Aivy Pecovnik | Executive Assistant

Southern Colorado Giving

James Bjorklund | Senior Director

Barbara Frank | Senior Coordinator
Kyle Smith | Manager
Lindsey W. Suggs | Senior Manager

Foundation Giving

Jennie Dawe | Senior Director, Foundation Relations

Jodie Deshmukh | Director
Chaney Skilling | Manager
Ashley Struck | Director

Planned Giving

Craig Bardell | Senior Director

David Glander | Coordinator, Planned Giving

Philanthropic Development

Amy Stewart | Senior Director

Tanna Lewis | Senior Manager, Data Services and Web Development
Erin Osborn | Director, Prospect Research

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships works with corporations and corporate foundations to create fully integrated partnerships throughout our region and beyond, including the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH). Contact us

Emily Kotas | Senior Director

Parthivee Desai | Coordinator, Children’s Miracle Network
Maddison Farm | Coordinator
Kacie Merrick | Senior Manager
Sarah Stewart | Manager
Kali Wallace | Director, Children’s Miracle Network

Community Engagement and Events

Community Engagement and Events oversees all fundraising events benefiting Children’s Hospital Colorado. These range from community-based events to Signature Events like the Children’s Gala and Courage Classic Bicycle Tour. Contact us

Sheri Muilenburg | Senior Director

Katie Anders | Director
Courtney Arnold | Coordinator
Leslie Boersma | Director
Caroline Davis | Senior Coordinator
Erin Haas | Senior Manager
Sarah Ryszkowski | Senior Coordinator

Donor Relations and Gift Services

Donor Relations and Gift Services supports the processing of gifts, recognition, stewardship and cultivation of all donors. Contact us

Traci McBee Rowe | Director of Donor Relations
Karry Morton | Director, Gift Services

Nicole Baker | Senior Manager, Donor Relations
Helen Horne | Coordinator, Gift Services
Julie Lund | Director, Donor Relations
Astrid “Oz” Spies| Manager, Donor Relations
Justin Wenzl | Senior Coordinator, Gift Services

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting provides overall financial-related support for the Foundation to help ensure philanthropic resources are appropriately managed and reported on in accordance with applicable policies, guidelines and regulations. Contact us

Tabitha Getz | Senior Manager, Accounting
Travis Modesitt | Manager, Financial Processing
Geri Taitague | Coordinator, Finance and Accounting

Development Services

Development Services supports the Foundation by managing database and website systems, training Foundation staff on their use, and extracting information from these systems. Contact us

Frank Dean | Senior Director

Justin Shaw | Business Intelligence Analyst


Marketing develops strategies to attract new donors and engage supporters in support of Children’s Colorado’s mission. Contact us

Tracy Faigin | Senior Director, Marketing

Deannah Baesel | Senior Coordinator
Jaime Berg Cady | Manager
Erin Bodine | Senior Manager
John LeCrone | Senior Manager Creative Services
Adam Million | Senior Content Strategist
Janet Najar | Manager, Digital
Chelsey Siebels | Manager, Data Services and Strategy