Connect Your Courage Classic Fundraiser to Facebook

Streamline your fundraising efforts and receive donations directly through Facebook and Instagram. In just a few steps, you can create a connected Facebook fundraiser where friends can read your story, watch your progress and donate — all without ever leaving social media.

Donations from Facebook and Instagram will show up in real-time and your fundraising total is reflected on both the Facebook Fundraiser and your Personal Fundraising Page.

Please note that you MUST create your Facebook Fundraiser through your Courage Classic Participant Center if you would like it to be linked to your Personal Fundraising Page. A Fundraiser created on Facebook first cannot be linked.

How to set up your Facebook Fundraiser

  1. On the Participant Center Home tab, you can either click the Facebook Fundraiser Activity Badge, or scroll down past you progress thermometer to the Facebook Fundraiser section. Click the “Edit Fundraiser Content” button and simply follow the steps to link to Facebook. Remember that this tool takes your personal page content as-is and sends it to Facebook for your fundraiser setup, so be sure that you have put in your edits first.
  2. You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account.
  3. You will see a screen that says “Children’s Colorado Foundation would like to manage your Fundraisers.” Click “OK”. This links your Facebook Fundraiser with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation to allow all donations made through Facebook to be automatically applied to your Personal Fundraising Page on the Courage Classic website.

Congratulations! The Facebook Fundraising box will read, “Your Fundraiser is Connected to Facebook”. Click “Go to Facebook Fundraiser.”

You can now manage your fundraiser by adding a cover photo, inviting your Facebook friends to donate, share updates, make a self-donation, track your progress or write a post to your donors.


No. You must create the Facebook Fundraiser through your Participant Center. Fundraisers created directly on Facebook will not link to your Courage Classic account.

Donations will sync between the two sites. If you customize your Personal Page, fundraising goal, etc. in the Participant Center, these customizations will sync to your Facebook Fundraiser. This is a one-way sync, so updating information on the Facebook Fundraiser will not sync to your Participant Center. We suggest making all your customizations BEFORE creating your Facebook Fundraiser. Once your Facebook Fundraiser is created, it will not pick up any changes made afterwards in your Participant Center.

Gifts are listed on your donor honor roll as “Facebook Fundraiser” per Facebook’s privacy policy. You can see who gave to you via your Facebook Fundraiser in the Recent Activity section in your Participant Center, or on your Facebook Fundraiser. Some donations may be listed on your Facebook Fundraiser as private donations because the donor did not opt-in to information sharing.

When you donate, you will receive an email from Facebook with a receipt to the email address associated with your Facebook account. Visit the Facebook Payment History page ( if you need to reprint that receipt. This receipt is all you need for tax purposes.

Facebook Fundraising refunds are processed through Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. Please reach out to us at with refund requests or questions.

We recommend self-donating through the Courage Classic website to activate the “I Donated” badge. The badge is not triggered to display on your fundraiser if you donate to your ride via Facebook Fundraising. Please reach out to us at with questions.

Please reach out to us at or 720-777-7499 with any questions you may have.