Courage Classic Fundraising Ideas & Guidance

Whether you are a seasoned Courage Classic rider or new to the tour, you can make a difference for Children's Hospital Colorado patients.

Why fundraise?

With every email, fundraising party and social post, you’re supporting lifesaving care for children at the region’s only nonprofit pediatric hospital.

Your fundraising helps provide health, hope and healing at Children’s Colorado

The money you raise supports the greatest needs of our patients and caregivers.


can provide technology that makes procedures less scary and stressful

Learn more about your impact


can pay for specialized equipment to care for premature babies in our NICU

Learn more about your impact


can help achieve new breakthroughs in research to treat more kids who are sick

Learn more about your impact

Steps to get started

Step One: Get to know your Participant Center

Take the first steps toward meeting your fundraising goal by familiarizing yourself with helpful resources in the Participant Center. The Participant Center is your fundraising home base. You can customize your personal page, track your goals, send emails and access fundraising tools.

Step Two: Set up your personal fundraising page

Upload a photo or video and share why you’re raising money for Children’s Hospital Colorado. Participants who update their personal page raise more than participants who do not update their page. Once you customize your fundraising page, connect it to Facebook to streamline your efforts.

Step Three: Get the fundraising wheels rolling

Show your friends and family your own commitment to Children’s Colorado patients and families by donating to your own fundraising effort. Then ask as many people as you know to match your gift. That’s how $50 turns into $100, then $150… and pretty soon thousands of dollars for Children’s Colorado kids, families, and caregivers.

Step Four: Spread the word

Share your story through social media, email or word of mouth. Include a link to your fundraising page that you set up in step one. You’re doing something amazing – Share it with the world to inspire others to join you in supporting Children’s Colorado.

Step Five: Join the Courage Classic Facebook group

Connect with other supporters in the Courage Classic Community Facebook Group, share fundraising tips and ideas, and fuel the Courage Classic spirit!

Fundraising deadlines

We are mailing rider packets to participants who meet their fundraising minimum by June 27 to avoid crowding and long wait times at Courage Classic check-in. Meet your fundraising minimum ($500 for adults, $125 for kids under 16) by June 27 to receive your rider packet in the mail and skip in-person check-in when you arrive at the tour.

The final fundraising deadline to meet your personal fundraising goal is Aug. 31. Offline donations are accepted until Aug. 31 and must be postmarked by that date. Please include rider name and number on the check. Processing takes a few days.

Fundraising ideas

Below are some fundraising ideas to help inspire you. Discover new ways to raise money to make a difference for Children’s Colorado patients and their families.
Matching funds

Let your donors know that their employers will often match the money they donate to nonprofits. They, and you, can double the impact of their gifts.

Donate your day

Turn a special day into a day that could help someone else by asking for donations instead of gifts. A birthday, wedding, or any day can become a fundraising opportunity.

Throw a (virtual) party

Have a kickoff party, themed party, dance party, or whatever excites you. Invite some friends, have some fun, and accept donations. Tip: find a restaurant that will sponsor or match funds. *We encourage you to follow current COVID-19 restrictions around gatherings of people outside of your household.

Sporting event

Almost any sporting event can be turned into a fundraiser. Bowling, kickball, etc. Create and entry fee, include a bake/food sale, or simply ask for donations at the event.

Memorial giving

A memorial fundraiser is a thoughtful way to honor a loved one or a beloved pet.

Get creative!

There’s no wrong way to fundraise.

A few things to keep in mind…

Raffles, bingo, lottery and drawings are games of chance and are considered a raffle. Raffles MUST be approved and registered by the state. If you hold a raffle without obtaining your own raffle license, you will be conducting an illegal raffle according to Colorado State Law and subject to review by the Colorado Gaming Commission. You must provide current raffle license information (organization name, raffle manager name and license number) to the Foundation prior to holding a raffle.

If you hold a silent auction, sales tax must be collected on any tangible items sold through the auction. Sales tax is calculated on the sales price of a tangible item regardless of the fair market value of the item. Sales tax is determined by the location of the sale. Please ask the Foundation to look up the sales tax for the location of your silent auction.

Stuck? Let us help you

We can provide you with ideas to help get you get started.

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Not ready to fundraise?

There are many ways you can participate in the Courage Classic. If you’re not ready to fundraise, consider making a personal donation or volunteering.

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