Courage Classic Team Captain Guide

Important dates

  • May 1 – Early registration ends – fee changes from $50 to $150
  • May 16 – Deadline to confirm and submit order for team jerseys through Primal
  • June 17 – Last day to split team funds before the June 24 minimum fundraising deadline for mailed packets
  • June 24 – Fundraising deadline to be eligible to receive your rider packet in the mail
  • July 20-21 – Courage Classic Bicycle Tour!
  • Aug. 31 – Final deadline for all Courage Classic donations. All donations must be received by Aug. 31 in order to count toward this year’s fundraising goal. Any donations received or postmarked after Aug. 31 will be applied to next year’s event.

Team sponsors

You may be interested in finding corporate sponsors for your team. While Children’s Colorado asks that you do not approach any of our corporate sponsors listed on the Courage Classic website, we encourage you to cultivate your own sponsorships. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Children’s Colorado Foundation can collect team sponsorship funds only when the purpose of these funds is to pay for registrations for specific riders or when the funds represent charitable donations to the team. Funds to be used to purchase items for the team (jerseys, etc.) or for team activities (parties, training rides, etc.) cannot be collected by Children’s Colorado Foundation.
  • Depending on the structure of the team sponsorship program, there are 3 categories of support a sponsor might provide to a team: (1) underwriting or purchasing team activities and/or goods, (2) paying for registrations, and/ or (3) making donations that are credited to the team or specific riders on the team.
  • If a donor is interested in supporting your team at the $5,000 level or above the Foundation can provide sponsor benefits. Contact us to learn more about Team Sponsorships.
    • If a sponsor does not wish to be an official Team Sponsor through the Foundation, then team sponsorship obligations are fulfilled by the team, not by Children’s Colorado Foundation.

Want to start reaching out to sponsors? Check out our team sponsor letter template.

Jersey design

Primal offers teams participating in Courage Classic the opportunity to take advantage of their Primal Gives Back Program. For team orders, Primal is committed to donating up to 15% of your order total back to your Courage Classic team’s fundraising account. Please reach out to Primal directly to get this process started.

Primal contact:
John Asdourian

Team merchandise

Consider branding your team with other custom apparel (shirts, hats, etc.). Some teams have created custom apparel to garner interest in your team when worn around your community and at work by team members. Brand Agents is a fantastic vendor to work with for additional apparel!

Brand Agents contact:
Gwen Grant
303-693-4057 |

Want to brand your jersey or merchandise with the Courage Classic logo? Download our logos and usage guidelines.

Team donations

Donors can designate their donation to a team without having to choose an individual rider(s) to credit. Learn more about team fundraising.

Connect with other teams

Communicate with other team captains and participants, keep track of key milestones, share fundraising tips, and be the first to receive updates by joining the Courage Classic Facebook Group. Encourage your team members to join as well!

Connect with us

Stuck? Let us help you. We’re here to answer questions and provide you with ideas to help get you get started.