Crowdfunding for Children's Colorado

Take an active role in supporting a cause at Children’s Hospital Colorado that you care about by creating or supporting a crowdfunding project that will make a lasting impact on kids.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a digital fundraising tool used to engage personal connections to financially support a project, idea, or cause. It has revolutionized fundraising on a global scale by showing how big of an impact can be made when communities unite to achieve a shared goal.

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, crowdfunding means so much more! That’s because it provides a place for community members (like you!) to raise support for the hospital. Through crowdfunding, supporters can share their Children’s Colorado stories – from celebrating birthdays, health journey milestones, addressing critical and urgent needs, or honoring a loved one – and encourage their friends and family to partner with them to become champions for children’s health.

By choosing to crowdfund for Children’s Colorado, you join our mission to provide innovative and compassionate care. Every dollar you raise goes directly to programs and services that deliver life-changing treatments to children in need. With each campaign, you help us expand our reach around the world and enable Children’s Colorado to transform how children are cared for.

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We encourage you to use crowdfunding to support projects or programs that you care about at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Our crowdfunding platform may not be used to raise funds for the medical treatment or care of a patient.

You can create a crowdfunding project or support an existing project. Crowdfunding projects are promoted through personal networks. This means that you will ask friends, family and other contacts to support your ideas. Crowdfunding campaigns are typically no more than 60 days.

Funds are directed to fulfilling the needs of your specific project.

Crowdfunding donations are tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt directly from Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation after a gift is made. EIN#84-0813462.