Invest in a Better Future for Pediatric Mental Health

Children cannot wait for better mental health support. Give our kids the mental health services they need when they need it.

Together, we can change the state of pediatric mental health

Colorado ranks 42nd in the nation for access to youth mental health care. Our goal is to be ranked among the top 10. We cannot wait to build a new future for mental health. Our kids deserve to have the help they need when they need it. Children’s Hospital Colorado is committed to kids and teens who need help with mental health challenges.

Kids in our community cannot wait


is the leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24


kids and teens in Colorado have diagnosable mental health conditions

Only 22%

receive professional care

Doing what is right for kids

We lose millions of dollars helping kids in mental health crisis every year. In fact, many pediatric mental health providers across Colorado have been forced to close because these losses are too great to maintain services. Despite this financial reality, we stay true to our north star of doing what is right for kids. At Children’s Colorado, we say enough is enough.

“I’m lucky I got the care I needed. I’m able to put in work for a better life. But there are so many kids out there who need help, and that’s why kids’ mental health matters.”

Chloe, Children’s Hospital Colorado patient Ambassador

Barriers to getting the right care

Mental health care is patchy and inconsistent in Colorado. Families trying to navigate “the system” have no clear answers, and some never break through the barriers.

Young people like Luthien cannot wait for better mental health support

Imagine if things were different. Together, we can get there.

Partner with us to create a better mental health future for children

The mental health future of our kids cannot wait

Suicide is the leading cause of death for kids in Colorado, and many weeks, self-harm or suicide attempts are among the top reasons that patients seek mental health care in our emergency departments.

On May 25, 2021, Children’s Hospital Colorado issued a State of Emergency for pediatric mental health for the first time in our 117-year history. Our hope in making this bold statement is to bring greater attention and resources to bear as we seek to make progress in solving the current mental health crisis in Colorado and across the region.

Fighting for this is more necessary and urgent than ever before. Our kids and teens are suffering because of the existing barriers to care. Too many are dying without having received the professional support they needed when they needed it. Nothing will change until we take action. Our kids deserve more and they deserve it now.

You can help create a new mental health future for our kids

This is an ambitious undertaking, but it is the right thing for our youth and the future of the state of Colorado. When you give to the Pediatric Mental Health Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado, you support a new mental health future.

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Resources for families

Children’s Colorado is dedicated to helping children and adolescents by expanding the reach of evidence-based, family-focused mental health care. This includes providing family resources, empowering teens to help friends in need, and a guide to starting a conversation with teens about suicide to promote mental wellness and break stigmas.