We have a plan to bring pediatric mental health services to more communities

How this works today

Six-year-old Lillian cries all night every night. She hasn’t slept in days. Her family is exhausted and needs help. They live in Craig, Colo. Craig, like many rural communities, has limited mental health services for kids.

Lillian’s parents take her to their primary care provider, who refers them to a psychiatrist at Children’s Colorado. They debate whether to drive the four to five hours to Aurora or continue trying to help Lillian on their own.

How we will get there

Together, we will bring care to kids and teens across Colorado.

There is only one pediatric psychiatrist for every 7,000 kids and teens in Colorado, compared to the national average of one per 1,800 kids and teens. Most counties in Colorado do not have one at all. But kids in every community need help. Lacking good resources, many go without diagnosis or treatment, which escalates problems and creates difficulties later in life.

With your support, we will bring care to more kids. Together, we can bolster telehealth in communities across Colorado.

Telehealth services include secure video chats between doctors, patients and parents. We currently offer video psychiatric evaluations at our satellite locations, pediatric primary care practices, and directly into a family’s home. Now, through telehealth, many families can consult with mental health specialists on the Anschutz Medical Campus without driving to Aurora, saving time and money.