The 2221 Society

In partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, the 2221 Society works to identify and fund projects that need significant philanthropic support and will advance pediatric medicine and care.

About the 2221 Society

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation’s 2221 Society was formed in 2018 by like-minded leaders who are dedicated to transforming children’s health and supporting the Foundation’s mission. The 2221 Society name honors the first major transformation of Children’s Hospital Colorado, when a group of nurses providing care in tents at City Park moved the operation into a house at 2221 Downing Street in 1909.

The 2221 Society contributes philanthropic funding to Children’s Colorado to support important initiatives like cutting-edge research, treatment, therapy, education and advocacy. In partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, the 2221 Society works to identify and fund projects that need significant philanthropic support and will advance pediatric medicine and care.

The 2221 Society operates under a d/b/a within Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, a 501(c)(3), but has autonomy to fund the projects of its choice. Donations to the 2221 Society will support the Foundation and are tax-deductible. To date, the 2221 Society has raised more than $1.75 million for Children’s Colorado.

Commitment levels of 2221 Society

In addition to setting goals, attending meetings, serving as a Children’s Colorado ambassador, recruiting new members and executing events, 2221 Society members are asked to make a personal financial commitment on an annual basis to positively impact Children’s Colorado’s mission. Membership is available at the following levels:

  • Founder’s level – members give or fundraise $25,000 annually (3-year commitment)
  • President level – members give or fundraise $10,000 annually (3-year commitment)
  • Friends of 2221 – members give or fundraise $2,221+ annually

In order to make an impactful difference at Children’s Colorado, the 2221 Society sets ambitious goals every year so that the group can truly move the needle and make transformational change for the hospital and its system of care. Members’ passion for Children’s Colorado shines through their financial commitments and their contagious, shared belief that a child’s life can and should be filled with limitless possibilities.

2022 Focus: Enhancing outdoor healing and end-of-life experiences for patients and families

Fundraising Goal: $500,000

A high schooler with cancer, nearing the end of her life, has a final wish: to experience the wonder of winter for one last time by making a snow angel. A mother’s premature baby son has never been in the fresh air, spending the first year of his life inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). A father with a young child in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) hasn’t felt the sun on his face in weeks, not wanting to leave his daughter’s side. A young boy, severely injured in an automobile accident, has not been able to see his siblings since they were all pulled from the wreckage; COVID protocols and precautions only allow for outdoor interactions among kids younger than 18.

These are just a few of the scenarios in which access to the outdoors can provide relief, solace and hope during some of the most profound moments of grief, stress and loss. Nature has the incredible power to heal and comfort in medical settings, a finding that has been well documented in clinical research findings. Right now, Children’s Hospital Colorado has two outdoor patios, but these spaces are not currently equipped to offer the essential elements required for the treatment, safety, security and privacy of kids and families.

How we’ll get there

Fundraising by the 2221 Society will support the upgrade and renovation of a patient-focused patio and a family-centered patio to offer the chance for kids, their families, and their caregivers to be in the open air, while also being protected from inclement weather, along with extreme heat and cold, by tented structures. The family-centered patio will create a space for parents and caregivers to be outside – for a meal, a breath, contemplation, and seclusion – without having to leave the hospital. The patient-focused patio will be dedicated to palliative and end-of-life care. A common end-of-life wish from children is to be outside with their loved ones – and giving kids and families ownership and autonomy surrounding these moments is a critical piece of their journey and transition. To make these hopes possible, even for the most complex conditions, the patient patio will be equipped with electricity, outlets, hospital bed umbrellas and all the support needed for medical equipment and treatments, including chemotherapy. This space will be able to accommodate NICU babies as well.

Join us

These patient-focused patios will provide children and their families with the chance to have outdoor experiences that ease suffering, sorrow and trauma. By fundraising $500,000, the 2221 Society will have an enormous impact on our patients, their immediate and extended families, and our staff.

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2221 Society’s impact on Children’s Colorado

2021: Simulation Lab Program (Goal: $500,000; Fundraised: $511,000) and Asthma Program (Goal: $250,000; Fundraised: $252,000+)

CHCO Simulation Lab

The Simulation Lab Program provides experiential learning opportunities that help medical professionals practice their craft, identify problems, and prepare for a variety of medical circumstances in conditions that mimic a hospital environment. Fundraising from the 2221 Society enabled Children’s Colorado to offer these vital training and education services to more providers and will create a dedicated Simulation Training Center, providing a dedicated space for team members to practice basic and procedure-based medical skills.

In addition, the 2221 Society hosted a golf tournament, 2221 Society x Sanctuary, to raise funds for Children’s Colorado’s Asthma Program, helping kids with one of the most common chronic illnesses of childhood.

2020: Partners for Children’s Mental Health (Goal: $400,000; Fundraised: $477,000)


Partners for Children’s Mental Health is a statewide entity that brings together health care, policy and thought leaders to improve access to the highest-quality mental health services for kids. Fundraising from the 2221 Society supported the state-wide implementation of an innovative software technology that helps equip rural health care providers with the tools, skills and support required to respond to mental health needs in their communities.

2019: Children’s One Emergency Transport Program (Goal: $300,000; Fundraised: $325,000)

Children’s One enables Children’s Colorado’s flight team to transport patients from around the U.S. and even from around the world. When a family is in critical need of care, Children’s One is there to make the transport as seamless as possible, ensuring the safety of critically ill or injured children as they receive world-class care. Fundraising from the 2221 Society fully outfitted a vehicle, while also ensuring the medical equipment and innovative technologies stay up to date.

2018: Extended Reality Program (Goal: $225,000; Fundraised: $228,000)

Virtual Reality

Children’s Colorado’s Extended Reality Program has emerged as a national leader in using innovative technologies as adjunctive therapies to enrich the patient experience and the care of children. Fundraising from the 2221 Society has allowed more patients to benefit from the extended reality state-of-the-art technology which greatly enhances their experiences at Children’s Colorado and their recoveries.

2221 Society members

Alex Schomers, Chair
Barclay Miller, Immediate Past Chair
Sadie Shaughnessy, Vice Chair
Izzy Murdy, Membership Chair
Sachi Osatinski, Events Chair
Bud Ross, Designation Selection Committee Chair
Austin Akers, Advisory Chair