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Evie’s Holiday Firsts and Joy at the Hospital

July 24, 2020

“One day, after Evie had spent months in the NICU, I walked through the hospital doors and realized it felt like I was coming home. And that feeling was priceless for our family — especially at the holidays. We never imagined spending Evie’s first holiday season in the hospital, but it somehow ended up even better. At that special time of year, we got to share our girl with everyone who loved her!” – Evie’s mom, Salem

During a prenatal visit, Salem and Harlan learned their baby girl, Evie, had a rare birth defect: a large opening in her abdominal wall causing internal organs to grow outside of her body. Evie’s case was so severe that her initial chances of survival were less than 1%.

Evie spent 10 months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She needed multiple surgeries and couldn’t eat or breathe on her own. It was a difficult journey. “But, Children’s Colorado and the people in it – they exude comfort,” says Salem.

Salem says Evie’s doctors, nurses and therapists cared for Evie like she was their own.

“When it came time for the holidays, instead of feeling like we were in a hospital, we found ourselves surrounded by people we’d come to consider family.”

Even though she wasn’t at home, Evie got to experience many holiday firsts and special traditions.

“Walking through the hospital doors comes to feel like the comfort of home, because even when it’s scary, you know Children’s Colorado is just as invested in your child as you are.”

Evelyn in NICU
Evelyn in the Children’s Hospital Colorado NICU

From carolers to holiday decorations in patients’ rooms to toy deliveries — the extra touches you make possible this time of year mean the world to children like Evie and their parents as you help the hospital to feel more like home during this magical season.

It’s just part of what makes Children’s Colorado special, all year round. From providing the very best clinical care to making children’s spirits bright, we couldn’t do it without you!