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Paying it Back: From Immigrant to Philanthropist

June 17, 2024

At 14 years old, Hirvin Paredes made a promise to repay the kindness and care his family received from Children’s Hospital Colorado. His younger brother’s diagnosis of a heart condition presented significant financial challenges for their single mother. 

Hirvin Paredes smiling

“The specialists were very expensive, and my mom couldn’t afford the medical bills,” said Hirvin. “But once we were referred to Children’s Colorado, they immediately helped us without any hesitation. That’s when I promised myself when I was old enough to work, I would give back.” 

In the years following that initial visit and diagnosis, his brother’s health stabilized with ongoing medication and monitoring. Hirvin worked hard to graduate from high school and set his sights on building a career, never forgetting the promise he made. 

“As an immigrant, it was important for me to find a career that would help me take care of myself while also providing enough that I could give back,” recalls Hirvin.  

Hirvin’s opportunity came when he discovered a job opening at an insurance company that offered training for new recruits. He seized the chance to learn and quickly developed a passion for the industry, particularly enjoying his interactions with immigrants and first-generation Americans, helping them understand and navigate their insurance needs. 

His career flourished, and Hirvin soon took the significant step of starting his own agency with American Family Insurance. Embracing this new venture, he also secured life insurance policies for himself and his family, choosing to name the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation as the beneficiary of his policy. 

“I’m at a place now where I can take care of myself, help out my family and give back. Making Children’s Colorado a beneficiary was simple. It was the easiest way to ensure I kept my promise.” 

Hirvin Paredes

Last year, Hirvin earned his U.S. citizenship and has no intention of slowing down as he approaches his 30th birthday.  

“I plan to keep giving back however I can. I donate toys and advocate for mental health awareness. Every contribution is a reflection of my gratitude, my thanks for the assistance my family received, and a chance to extend that same kindness to other families facing similar challenges.”