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Armando’s Journey from Loss to New Life

Children’s Hospital Colorado helped Armando build his confidence after his left hand had to be amputated due to a severe burn. Armando is now learning to use his new “myoelectric” prosthetic arm, which is controlled by his own muscles.

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Mending Broken Hearts

Imagine if doctors could 3D print the damaged components of a patient’s heart — making valves, ventricles, even the entire organ — and then literally bring those parts to life by infusing them with the child’s own healthy stem cells.

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Why I Ride for Colton

A mom and dad become superheroes, even with broken hearts. Britney and Sam ride in the Courage Classic with the Cardiac Climbers in honor of their son, Colton ("Moose"), who passed away due to congenital heart defects at 3 months old.

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Creative Arts Heal Body, Mind and Soul

After a difficult diagnosis, children often need to build a new identity and find language to describe their experience. The Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program allows them to do just that. Read about one patient who says the program helped save her life.

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