An estimated 226,000 kids and teens in Colorado have diagnosable mental health conditions, yet only 21 percent receive professional care. Mental health care is patchy and inconsistent in Colorado. Every facility and provider works independently, and there is no statewide support for care coordination. This is confusing for families who try to navigate the “system.” Some never break through the barriers.

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, we are committed to kids and teens who need help with mental health challenges. Out of 22 comparable children’s hospitals across the country, we are one of only six that have a psychiatric and behavioral health program. Only one other offers the comprehensive breadth and depth of mental health services that we do.

We lose millions of dollars helping kids in mental health crisis every year. In fact, many pediatric mental health providers across Colorado been forced to close because the deficit is too great. Despite this financial reality, we stay true to our north star of doing what is right for kids. At Children’s Colorado, we say enough is enough.

Imagine if things were different. We have a plan. Together, we can get there.

Imagine if things were different

Partner with us to create a better mental health future for children.

We don’t have to wait for a better future for pediatric mental health.

Fighting for the mental health future we want for children is more necessary and urgent than ever before. Our kids and teens are suffering because of existing barriers to care. Nothing will change until we take action.

Things can be different.
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health future for kids?
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