How it works today.

Eleven-year-old Sam has profound autism and a speech disorder. It is the end of his first day at an inpatient program at Children’s Colorado. Because the hospital room cannot accommodate Sam’s mom overnight, she packs up to go home. Sam breaks into a violent tantrum.


Imagine a better future for mental health treatment.

Sam’s room at the Pediatric Mental Health Institute houses a bed for his mom to stay overnight. She can be a partner in Sam’s treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, learning about therapies to help him cope and thrive. She develops the knowledge and skills to help Sam continue to improve after they leave the hospital. 

How we will get there.

For kids, a stay in the hospital can be overwhelming, and often they’re comforted by one thing only: their families. 

We have a plan to redesign our space at the Pediatric Mental Health Institute to allow families to stay overnight and relax in private respite area just for families on that floor. With your support, we will reconfigure our units to expand patient rooms and enable families to stay together. 

Together, we can ensure families stay together and patients have long-lasting recoveries. 

Learn More About Our Plans for Family-Centered Care

We have a plan to train primary care providers about mental health.

Steps Toward A New Mental Health Future