How it works today.

Dr. Johnston is a pediatrician in Pueblo. A father brings his son Joseph in for an appointment. Joseph doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. He shows little interest in activities he used to enjoy. Dr. Johnston wants to help Joseph but she has not had the training to effectively treat a child with a mental health challenge. 

Dr. Johnston refers them to a psychiatrist whom she hopes has answers, but the family leaves uncertain about their path forward. 


Imagine a better future for mental health treatment.

Imagine Dr. Johnston has been trained to recognize this young patient is showing signs of depression. She has access to a wealth of information to guide her care plan.

Joseph and his father leave confident about next steps to recovery.

How we will get there.

Together, we can help primary care providers have the knowledge and resources to offer families compassionate and effective mental health care.

A primary care doctor is often the first person families go to for help. Like all other health problems, families expect to learn what to do next. But primary care providers often do not have the knowledge or support to diagnose or refer families for mental health support. Colorado has no standardized mental health training for primary care providers. 

We have a plan to educate and support primary care providers across the state who are connected to Children’s Colorado on how to better identify mental health issues. They will have the support to know how to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. 

By equipping our state’s primary care providers with these tools, families experiencing a mental health problem will leave with a clear path forward.

Learn More About Our Plans For Partners for Children's Mental Health

We have a plan to bring pediatric mental health services to more communities.

Steps Towards A New Mental Health Future