How this works today.

Eight-year-old Michael kicks and screams because his younger sister is playing with his Legos®. He punches the wall. This is the third raging outburst Michael has had this week. His behavior is affecting the whole family.

Local doctors suspect Michael’s symptoms are similar to ADHD or bipolar disorder. He tries a slew of medications, but nothing helps. His parents don’t know where to turn.


Imagine a better future for mental health treatment.

Imagine Michael is treated for a specific diagnosis, not just his symptoms.

In this new future, Michael has access to innovative brain imaging that reveals he has Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD).

Brain imaging provides information about how the brain functions beyond just observing behavior. Michael is prescribed the right medication for DMDD and his angry outbursts subside, bringing relief to him and his family.

How we will get there.

We will unlock a new understanding of the human brain through research. By studying the brain, we can pinpoint more diagnoses.

With your support, we will conduct research to not only understand mental illness but also the best delivery of care for kids like Michael. This research will lead to new treatments for kids and teens, so they don’t spend time going through unsuccessful treatments.

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We have a plan to break the stigma of mental illness.

Steps Towards A New Mental Health Future