Population Health

Supporting healthy communities

Here, we believe health begins in our neighborhoods

With community support, Children’s Hospital Colorado is transforming children’s health beyond the walls of our clinical settings.

We have a bold vision to support healthy kids and communities, and we’re partnering with local organizations to create new models of care that improve health outcomes long-term. That means meeting families where they are — namely in homes and schools — and addressing the underlying causes of poor health through education, intervention and community partnerships.

Thanks to donors, our visionary prevention and outreach programs are impacting kids and communities in extraordinary ways.

To improve children’s comprehensive well-being, it’s essential to engage them in the places where they develop, learn and grow.

“We don’t want to just see kids in the hospital for sick visits — we want to see them for well-child checks. That’s why we’re meeting kids where they are. Keeping kids healthy takes into account everything they’re learning and doing at school, home and in the community.”

Eve Kutchman, Strategist in Lifestyle Medicine at Children’s Colorado

Supporting Healthy Communities

The future of pediatric health care depends on how we support the whole picture of a child’s well-being.

To improve children’s health outcomes long-term, Children’s Colorado is working to address issues such as poverty, childhood obesity and community safety. Generous donors enable Children’s Colorado to develop and test innovative prevention and outreach programs that reach kids in their homes, communities and schools.

Keeping kids healthy is an ambitious endeavor, and we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re partnering with local organizations that know their neighborhoods best. Together, we are providing services that help to address the underlying causes that lead to poor health, such as food insecurity, housing and lack of access to health care.

Prevention and outreach programs aren’t typically supported by traditional health insurance models. Donations are essential to establishing partnerships and programs that transform the way we serve kids.

Thanks to you, Children’s Colorado is building an innovative health care system that connects families to the resources they need to thrive.

Fueled by giving


Community health navigators on staff


Psychosocial screenings completed in our Child Health Clinic in 2018


Invested annually in community health improvement initiatives

3 ways donors make a difference

1. Improving health in high-risk neighborhoods

Donors funded a pilot project that implements interventions for children living in three high-risk zip codes in Aurora, Colo. Through outreach and community partnerships, the program aims to make improvements in healthy lifestyle, mental health, injury prevention, respiratory health and infant prematurity. Ultimately, with continued donor support, we plan to replicate the program in communities region-wide.

2. Partnering with schools to help kids thrive

With donor support, Children’s Colorado has partnered with an elementary school in Aurora, Colo., where many students live in poverty. Children’s Colorado provides the students with a variety of school-based programming including Peak Champions, a summer camp for overweight and obese children; Bikes for Life, a program to encourage healthy habits through bicycling; and Cooking Matters, a healthy eating course. Now, there are plans to expand this programming to other schools.

3. Fighting hunger with community partners

For thousands of kids in Colorado, good nutrition is out of reach. That’s why Children’s Colorado began inquiring about food insecurity when seeing patients in its Child Health Clinic, one of the area’s largest pediatric primary care providers for Medicaid patients. If a family is struggling, they’re connected to food resources and assistance programs. In addition, donors enabled Children’s Colorado to form a Food Security Council that aims to give vulnerable children access high-quality, affordable food.