Care Closer to Home

Expanding access for families

Here, we believe all families should have access to expert pediatric health care

Kids aren’t small adults, and their health care needs are unique. When they are hurt or sick, they need specialized equipment and expertise that recognize all the things that make them different.

At Children’s Hospital Colorado, every detail of our care — from kid-sized oxygen masks to brightly colored waiting areas — is designed with children in mind. Our facilities are uniquely tailored to kids, and our doctors are renowned leaders in their pediatric specialties.

With generous community support, we’re working to give even more families access to our world-class pediatric care, so we can improve the health of children across the region and beyond.

Cecilia, Children’s Hospital Colorado patient

“We’re so glad the new hospital in Colorado Springs is there for the families who need it. It will allow sick kids to access their pediatric experts so much closer to home.”

Mom to Children’s Colorado patient and cancer survivor Cecilia

Bringing care closer to families

Children’s Hospital Colorado is growing and innovating to better serve the needs of children everywhere. Not only are we building and expanding new care locations, we’re also rapidly deploying telehealth technologies that allow families to access our experts from anywhere in the world.

Receiving care closer to home eases the emotional and financial burden on patient families. It means parents can spend less time in the car and more time together when their child needs them most. It means less disruption to work and school. Ultimately, this accelerates the healing process.

Thanks to your support, we can give even more children convenient access to the resources and expertise of one of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation — and that means better health outcomes, less stress and more nights together at home.

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3 ways donors make a difference

In May 2019, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs opened its doors to the community, giving hundreds of thousands of kids and families in southern Colorado convenient access to world-class pediatric health care. With 100+ hospital beds, multiple specialty clinics, and southern Colorado’s only dedicated pediatric emergency room and operating rooms, the new hospital is tailored to kids and their needs. Philanthropy played an important role in opening this new hospital, and it continues to propel Children’s Colorado, Colorado Springs into the future. Thank you for helping southern Colorado children get the expert care they need to heal and thrive, right in their own backyard.

Studies show that kids treated by caregivers with pediatric training have better health outcomes. That’s why we’re grateful to the donors who have enabled Children’s Colorado to launch and expand telehealth programs that allow families to access our pediatric experts from almost anywhere in the world. Telehealth technology became particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a matter of weeks, Children’s Colorado ramped up from an average of 100 virtual visits per week to more than 6,000, providing a safe and convenient way for patients with chronic conditions to receive ongoing care and support. Today, most patients have safely returned for in-person appointments, but the progress made in telehealth will have a positive impact for years to come. Supporters like you give more families unprecedented access to the expertise of a top pediatric hospital.

We believe all children should have access to the care they need to thrive, regardless of where they live. This can be difficult for families who live in rural areas, where pediatric specialty care is limited or non-existent. Thanks to your support, Children’s Colorado is building partnerships to enhance pediatric health care in local communities. Donors enable our team to educate and support primary care providers on child health issues ranging from mental health warning signs to newborn screenings for heart defects. We offer extensive resources — including local training clinics, online toolkits and e-consultations — that empower local caregivers to provide better care for kids regionwide.