Make an Enterprise Zone Tax-Deductible Donation

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Give a larger gift to Children’s Hospital Colorado at no extra cost to you

Children’s Colorado is one of several Enterprise Zones designated by the State of Colorado to encourage economic growth. Colorado taxpayers who make qualifying gifts to Children’s Colorado in 2024 are eligible for a generous state income tax credit of up to 25% if giving an outright gift of cash or tax credit of 12.5% for gifts of appreciated stock.

The Enterprise Zone tax credit is an opportunity to donate to Children’s Hospital Colorado and reduce the amount of Colorado state income tax you pay, in addition to federal and state charitable deductions you may receive for gifts to charity. Through the Enterprise Zone, you can nearly double the size of your qualifying gift – and the impact of your generosity – without increasing the net cost to you.

Qualifying for the Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit

Outright gifts (unrelated to a Foundation special event) of at least $500 to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation specifically designated toward the following areas at Children’s Colorado qualify for the Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit:

At Children’s Colorado, groundbreaking research is at the core of our mission. For many children with debilitating diseases, research breakthroughs may be their families’ single greatest hope. Children’s Colorado is pioneering new treatments and cures with the purpose of eradicating childhood disease and transforming pediatric medicine – giving all kids a chance at a healthier future. Donations to this fund may be used for any purpose related to the Research Institute. Learn more about research.


Every year, more than 25,000 children undergo a surgical procedure at Children’s Colorado. Because surgery can play a role in a child’s treatment plan for almost any type of illness or injury, our Center for Children’s Surgery has developed a comprehensive strategic plan to set a new, higher standard for pediatric surgery. Together, in partnership with donors like you, we will build the premier child health surgical program in the nation that includes the best possible medical team for every child, advanced technology, cutting-edge surgical research, comforting pediatric care environments, and high-quality care that spans a child’s entire surgical journey: from diagnosis to healing.


Even before the coronavirus pandemic, suicide was a leading cause of death for Colorado youth. That’s why our Pediatric Mental Health Institute has devised an ambitious plan to meet the growing need for high-quality youth mental health services. We have an outstanding team of caregivers on the Anschutz Medical Campus who are dedicated to giving all youth access to the right care at the right time, so that mental health issues don’t escalate to emergencies. From inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs to art therapy and support services for parents, your donation gives more kids and families access to the resources they need to heal. Learn more about pediatric mental health.


We envision a world where all kids diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders can be healed. The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Colorado is home to one of the best pediatric hematology/ oncology teams in the world, and they are on the brink of groundbreaking new treatments and cures. We believe research is the key to defeating these debilitating diseases. With your support, we can transform care and save the lives of pediatric cancer patients in Colorado and around the globe. Learn more about cancer and blood disorder research.

Precision medicine is a paradigm shift in the way health care is implemented. With a high-resolution map of the human genome, this methodology considers the genetic makeup, environmental factors and lifestyle that can influence an individual’s wellbeing. It allows for the diagnosis, prognosis, personalized treatment and tailored management of a child’s health and medical conditions. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, precision medicine incorporates new methods to better manage patients’ health and develop targeted therapies to achieve the best outcomes. Donors like you can help Children’s Colorado harness the full potential of precision medicine, catalyzing extraordinary leaps forward for all types of childhood diseases and altering how we treat every young patient. Learn more about precision medicine.

At Children’s Colorado, creative caregivers and partner companies can turn their ideas into life-changing health care innovations and bring them to market – all with comprehensive support from campus collaborators, startup experts and venture specialists. This fund fosters homegrown ideas from our 10,000+ expert team members and supports the codevelopment of pediatric innovations with external companies and startups. With your support, we can develop innovations that push boundaries, shift paradigms, improve lives and bring about transformative changes for children’s health. Donations to this fund may be used to support investment in ideas, projects and startups as approved by the Innovation Steering Council. Learn more about innovation.

Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Heart Institute is uniquely positioned to build its reputation as a destination heart center, known for delivering the highest quality and most innovative care to patients with congenital and childhood heart disease. Our commitment to leadership in quality improvement, transparency in outcomes, innovative research, and educating future generations of providers has contributed to a leading program that is dedicated to serving patients before birth, during infancy, throughout childhood and adolescence, and into adulthood. With donor support, our groundbreaking research and world-class clinical programs will continue to grow and transform care for patients and families around the world. Learn more about the Heart Institute.

“Giving through the Enterprise Zone tax credit helps us support the hospital’s strategic priorities, create economic opportunities in Colorado and reduce our family’s tax burden with a 25% Colorado state income tax credit. We call that a win-win-win – for the hospital, for the community and for us as a family.”

Diana M., Enterprise Zone donor

Receive up to a 25% state tax credit

You can nearly double the size of your gift – and the impact of your generosity – without increasing the net cost to you.

Make an Enterprise Zone Donation

Enterprise Zone gift information

The Foundation defines a qualifying Enterprise Zone gift as an outright gift (unrelated to a special event) of at least $500 to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation specifically designated toward one of the seven funds listed above (with no sub-designations or additional restrictions). These designations may change at the Foundation’s discretion, as long as they fall within the State of Colorado’s economic objectives for the Enterprise Zone program. The Foundation generally revises the qualifying designations annually.

  • Children’s Colorado may award up to $750,000 annually in qualifying Enterprise Zone tax credits. The amount of gifts which may be eligible each year ranges from $3 million to $6 million; the exact amount depends on the proportion of gifts received via cash versus stock.
  • In the event that the Foundation receives more qualifying gifts in a single year than the $750,000 limit, the available tax credit will be granted to donors in the order in which those gifts were received.
  • The amount of credit taken in one year cannot exceed the donor’s state tax liability. However, excess credit may be carried forward for up to five years.
  • The maximum credit a donor can claim per tax year is $100,000.

The availability of the Enterprise Zone tax credit is subject to change at any time. There is no guarantee the tax credit will continue to be available in future years.

*The information represented is of a general nature and should not be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice. Every taxpayer’s situation is different. The descriptions and examples provided may not be applicable to every taxpayer’s specific circumstances, which could require the consideration of other tax and non-tax factors. Please consult a tax advisor prior to taking any action based on this information.