Invest in a World Without Cancer

For the next family who hears the words “Your child has cancer,” this lifesaving research cannot wait another day. Invest in a future without childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Envisioning a new future for kids with cancer and blood disorders

Children’s Hospital Colorado is ideally positioned to lead radical change in the fight against pediatric cancer and blood disorders. With your support, our groundbreaking research will save lives and transform care on a global scale.

Because cancer shouldn’t steal another childhood


children and teens die annually from cancer in the U.S.


of pediatric cancer survivors suffer long-term side effects from treatment


new cancer diagnoses annually at Children’s Colorado

Envision a world where chemotherapy is largely a thing of the past

Ellory, cancer survivor

A world where…

Children can be cured with minimal disruption to their childhood.
Every patient has a unique treatment plan and a universal right to a hopeful future.
Every kid diagnosed with cancer receives the care and expertise they deserve.
Where every childhood is lived to its fullest potential.

“Until we can give every family good news in the face of a tough diagnosis, until every child with every form of cancer can hear us say, ‘We’ve got this and you’re going to be OK,’ then we need to aim higher. We must do more until there is no more to do. Philanthropy enables us to fulfill our responsibility to keep raising the bar.”


How will we cure cancer and blood disorders?

With the help of donors who invest in our bold vision.

We have the talent, the technology, and the vision.

With a unique convergence of talent, expertise, research opportunities and campus partnerships, Children’s Colorado is ideally positioned to lead radical change in the fight against pediatric cancer and blood disorders. Our remarkable strengths include:

  • The right team, including some of the world’s leading experts in immunotherapy and hematology research.
  • An Experimental Therapeutics Program led by international thought leaders who are transforming cancer treatment as we know it through game-changing clinical trials.
  • An exceptional neuro-oncology program that houses a world-renowned tumor tissue bank.
  • A proven track record of success in curing diseases and saving lives.
  • Cutting-edge technologies and research partnerships across the Anschutz Medical Campus.
  • A unique collaborative spirit that empowers medical advances to happen faster, because we have embraced an intentional culture of teamwork and innovation.

Why invest?

For the next family who hears the words “Your child has cancer,” this research cannot wait another day. Our patient families need your support now more than ever. Our renowned physician-scientists are pioneering new treatments and reshaping the world of pediatric cancer and blood disorders to make life better for kids. But even the very best innovators cannot move big ideas forward without big resources. All we are missing is the fuel to accelerate our research so we can achieve our bold vision of every childhood lived to its full potential.


We need your help

Your support right now can mean the difference between making monumental leaps forward to save young lives or continuing at a pace constrained by funding challenges. We have the talent. We have the technology. We have the vision. We can do this with your investment today.

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