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As a nonprofit, Children’s Hospital Colorado is fueled by the generosity of donors. Planned gifts are an easy way to provide vital long-term support to patients at Children’s Colorado, and can offer a variety of financial rewards and tax benefits. Whether you’re thinking about leaving a gift in your will, setting up a trust or donating an appreciated asset like stock, our team can help you determine the best way to benefit both your family and our mission.

Children’s Colorado has been serving kids for nearly 120 years. As one of the top pediatric hospitals in the nation, we are a trusted philanthropic partner with a proven track record of wisely stewarding our donors’ investments to improve children’s health – today, tomorrow and always.

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When you include Children’s Colorado in your will or revocable trust, you can help kids without paying anything during your lifetime. You may change your estate designation at any time, and your bequest to Children’s Colorado will qualify for a 100% charitable deduction from your estate for tax calculation purposes. Best of all, you’ll be ensuring future generations of children can always get the care they need.

Sample Language to share with your attorney indicating your intentions to make a gift in your will or living trust:

I give to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, Tax ID #84-0813462, headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, the sum of $ (or % of my estate) for its general purposes (or state a specific purpose).

If your plans include a different type of estate gift, please contact us for additional sample language.

You can name Children’s Colorado as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy — or donate a policy that is no longer needed.

Your IRA and 401(k) are likely a significant portion of your net worth and are often the most highly taxed assets in your estate. There are both income tax and potential estate tax advantages to designating all or a portion of your retirement plan to charity. To name Children’s Colorado as an account beneficiary, simply fill out a designation form with your plan administrator.

Provide immediate funds for critical needs at Children’s Colorado – like research and patient care – while also providing an inheritance for your heirs in the future. Under this innovative gift arrangement, you irrevocably transfer assets to a trust, which provides annual payments to Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation for a certain number of years or until the end of your lifetime. The principal is then distributed to one or more designated individuals – such as yourself or your beneficiaries. Depending on the terms, you can typically receive a charitable deduction on trust contributions designated to Children’s Colorado, and/or your heirs can receive a significant reduction in estate taxes on the assets that are ultimately passed onto them upon the trust’s termination. There are many options for structuring a Charitable Lead Trust. Contact us to learn more.

Provide income security for you or your family and long-term support for our mission. This option allows you to convert highly appreciated assets into a source of income for life (or a certain number of years) – all while benefiting a charity of your choice. The donor receives a charitable deduction upon creating and funding the trust, and then receives regular designated payouts for the trust’s term. Upon your death (or the end of the trust’s term), the remaining balance goes to Children’s Colorado to help future generations of kids. This type of trust allows you to defer and possibly minimize capital gains taxes on your contributed assets and/or reduce the estate tax on assets passed on to your heirs. There are many ways to structure a Charitable Remainder Trust. Contact us to learn more.

A blended gift is simply a gift that combines a current gift with a deferred gift. It’s an ideal option for donors who want to see the impact of their gift during their lifetime while also extending their impact into the future.

Example: Bill and Anna are long-time donors to Children’s Colorado. Now they want to explore ways to make a bigger difference by establishing a $1 million endowment for pediatric cancer research. They decide to fund half of the endowment with a gift from their Donor Advised Fund and provide the remaining $500,000 through a gift in their will. They now have the satisfaction of seeing the immediate impact of their gift in funding new research initiatives, while also knowing their endowment will drive new treatments and cures long into the future.

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We would be honored to recognize your future gift intentions. If you decide to include Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation in your will, please take the time to let us know.

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