The 2221 Society

In partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, the 2221 Society works to identify and fund projects that need significant philanthropic support and will advance pediatric medicine and care.

About the 2221 Society

Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation’s 2221 Society was formed in 2018 by like-minded leaders who are dedicated to transforming children’s health and supporting the Foundation’s mission. The 2221 Society name honors the first major transformation of Children’s Hospital Colorado, when a group of nurses providing care in tents at City Park moved the operation into a house at 2221 Downing Street in 1909.

The 2221 Society contributes philanthropic funding to Children’s Colorado to support important initiatives like cutting-edge research, treatment, therapy, education and advocacy. In partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, the 2221 Society works to identify and fund projects that need significant philanthropic support and will advance pediatric medicine and care.

The 2221 Society operates under a d/b/a within Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, a 501(c)(3), but has autonomy to fund the projects of its choice. Donations to the 2221 Society will support the Foundation and are tax-deductible. To date, the 2221 Society has raised more than $1 million for Children’s Colorado.

Commitment levels of 2221 Society

In addition to setting goals, attending meetings, serving as a Children’s Colorado ambassador, recruiting new members and executing events, 2221 Society members are asked to make a personal financial commitment on an annual basis to positively impact Children’s Colorado’s mission. Membership is available at the following two levels:

  • Founder’s level members give or fundraise $25,000 annually
  • President level members give or fundraise $10,000 annually

In order to make an impactful difference at Children’s Colorado, the 2221 Society sets ambitious goals every year so that the group can truly move the needle and make transformational change for the hospital and its system of care. Members’ passion for Children’s Colorado shines through their financial commitments and their contagious, shared belief that a child’s life can and should be filled with limitless possibilities.

2021 Focus: Expanding access to simulation education for health care providers

Fundraising Goal: $500,000

Medicine is a professional career that requires practice. But because health care providers are sworn to do no harm, doctors, nurses and other specialists face barriers in honing their skills in real-world settings. With the advent of simulation laboratories, which replace patients with lifelike mannequins and replicate emergencies, procedures and situations, medical professionals can practice their craft, identify problems and address gaps in their performance in conditions that mimic a hospital environment. This experiential learning helps them become true experts and prepare for a variety of medical circumstances.

The Simulation Lab Program is currently serving this role for Children’s Hospital Colorado, but is constrained in how many practitioners it can reach due to limited resources. In order to expand these vital training and education services, the program needs philanthropic support. This is where the 2221 Society plays a key role.

How we’ll get there

To make the biggest impact for the patients of Children’s Hospital Colorado, the Simulation Lab Program needs to be able to reach more people in the organization and across the hospital’s network of care. To do this, the program needs to train additional simulation facilitators and debriefers with the country’s top simulation programs. The Simulation Lab Program also needs to be mobile, bringing its invaluable experience to medical professionals in a variety of different locations and settings. Currently, taking the lab “on the road” is a challenge. Last, but not least, the Simulation Lab Program requires a specially designed space at Children’s Colorado where this lifesaving training and coursework can be conducted. Space has been set aside for this purpose, but the program lacks the funds to build out a dedicated training center.

Providing more health care specialists with this kind of unparalleled learning opportunity will be the fastest way to make a positive impact on patient outcomes and care. And simulation training touches every team and department in the hospital, so 2221 Society’s fundraising will have an incredible ripple effect throughout Children’s Colorado.

Join us

The 2221 Society believes that this kind of education and training for our region’s top pediatric health care providers is critical. By fundraising $500,000, the 2221 Society will help the Simulation Lab Program meet its most pressing needs and priorities.

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Children’s Classic at Sanctuary

Aug. 10, 2021

Sanctuary Golf Course

Join us for a special day at Children’s Classic at Sanctuary in partnership with The 2221 Society. Proceeds from this exclusive day of golf and networking will benefit pediatric asthma research at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

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Event schedule:

8-9:15 a.m. Player Registration
8:30-10 a.m. Grab and Go breakfast served in Pavilion
9:15 a.m. Program begins
10 a.m. Shotgun start
4 p.m. Post-golf reception
4:30 p.m. Awards
5:30 p.m. Event concludes

Thank you to our 2021 Sanctuary sponsors

2021 2221 Sanctuary sponsors

2221 Society’s impact on Children’s Colorado

2020: Partners for Children’s Mental Health

Goal: $400,00
Fundraised: $477,000

Partners for Children’s Mental Health is a statewide entity that brings together health care, policy and thought leaders to improve access to the highest-quality mental health services for kids. Fundraising from the 2221 Society supported the state-wide implementation of an innovative software technology that helps equip rural health care providers with the tools, skills and support required to respond to mental health needs in their communities.

2019: Children’s One Emergency Transport Program

Goal: $300,00
Fundraised: $325,000

Children’s One enables Children’s Colorado’s flight team to transport patients from around the U.S. and even from around the world. When a family is in critical need of care, Children’s One is there to make the transport as seamless as possible, ensuring the safety of critically ill or injured children as they receive world-class care. Fundraising from the 2221 Society fully outfitted a vehicle, while also ensuring the medical equipment and innovative technologies stay up to date.

Virtual Reality

2018: Extended Reality Program

Goal: $225,000
Fundraised: $228,000

Children’s Colorado’s Extended Reality Program has emerged as a national leader in using innovative technologies as adjunctive therapies to enrich the patient experience and the care of children. Fundraising from the 2221 Society has allowed more patients to benefit from the extended reality state-ofthe-art technology which greatly enhances their experiences at Children’s Colorado and their recoveries.

2221 Society members

Barclay Miller, Chair
Taylor Kirkpatrick, Immediate Past Chair
Bud Ross, Vice Chair
Izzy Murdy, Membership Chair
Alex Schomers, Events Chair
Sadie Shaughnessy, Designation Selection Committee Chair

Jeremy and Mia Abelson
Katherine and Austin Akers
Sean and Olivia Baxter
Rachelle and Chris Bodnar
Amy and Brad Brooks
Nick and Bresee Carlson
Allison and Michael Cirenza 
Kari Davis
Rebecca and Will Essin
Erin Hengemuhle and Michael Harris