Courage Classic Route

What to expect

You’ll see streamers, helmet bling, tandem bikes and buggies in tow. Our amazing volunteers are on course to point you in the right direction and give you that extra encouragement you need to make the ascent to Vail Pass. Aid Stations stocked with breakfast and lunch items, beverages, snacks, restrooms, medical and mechanical aid are available every 8-15 miles. Running out of steam? Sag Wagons (large vans with bike racks) are on route each day to give you a lift up the hill, to the next aid station, or to the daily finish if you need it. Please note that due to Covid-19 mitigation, capacity in each van will be limited this year. If you know you will need assistance along the course, consider arranging your own personal Sag Wagon.

The sound of cowbells and cheers will usher you to the Finish Line. Children’s Colorado families and supporters line the Finish, holding pompoms and hand-made signs expressing encouragement and their appreciation!

Route options

Choose from routes ranging from 10 to 80 miles through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, starting and ending in Copper Mountain.

Select your route for each day when you register. Don’t worry, if your plans change you can update your selected route any time prior to the tour in your Participant Center.

Copper Loop Route (approx. 78 miles)

Start time: 6 a.m.
Copper – Leadville – Minturn – Vail Pass – Copper
Total ascent: 7,401.6 ft.
Maximum elevation: 11,353.22 ft.

Vail Pass Route (approx. 42 miles)

Start time: 8 a.m.
Copper – Vail Pass – West Vail – Copper
Total ascent: 3,528.8 ft.
Maximum elevation: 10,620.41 ft.

Family Route (approx. 10 miles)

Start time: 9 a.m.
Copper – Vail Pass Rest Stop – Copper
Total ascent: 834.3 ft.
Maximum elevation: 10,600.95 ft.

*As a Colorado State Patrol directive, please do not start any of these routes until 5:45 a.m.

2021 Courage Classic Tour Routes Map